5 Things To Avoid doing in the Bedroom

Marriage is a vow we go into because for the most part, we see something in our partners that makes them the soul mate we both want and need. We promise to cherish and protect them, but what happens when time and life sets in?

For sexual partners, a look into the bedroom can be a mirror look into the state of marital bliss and vice versa. This is because in their case the sexual activity is a strong component of the bond. Not surprising, it helps with intimacy and it is at the very base of it all, damn fun!

However, most partners reach a stale point, where things have either lost their spark or just seem unnecessary. Here are a few things to keep out of the bedroom to make room for intimacy.

Old lingerie. Old lingerie is not sexy lingerie while your old faithful bodysuit lingerie has likely lasted you a long while and seems to do the trick, try and spice things up, with something new, or add on accessories to it. Whether you buy lingerie online in Canada or buy lingerie in Canada in stores look for something more risqué or simply a different design.

Talking. If the conversation you are having in the bedroom does not directly express your enjoyment or relate to the sexual intercourse taking place, you need to save it for another time. While mundane or comedic conversation during sex can be a sign of comfort, turning it into a habit creates the illusion that the sex occurring is just as mundane or comedic as the conversation is to you.

Arguments. It gets easy to let petty squabbles find their way into different aspects of life but keeping arguments out of the bedroom is key. Our brains are so awesome that they link certain emotions to actions to help using the future. This means you argue one too many times and sex with your partner is going to start feeling like a chore.

Reward systems. Sex is not something that is done to or for a single person in the partnership. Both members enjoy the act and benefits this means turning it into a reward system makes it lose its intimacy factor as it has simply been turned into something done for one person and not with each other.

Buying erotic lingerie in Canada or incorporating new positions. Trying new things within the limits of your partners comfort is always a way to stay in tune with each other. Not only does this build intimacy it also boosts pleasure both partners.

And don’t forget to treat yourself with a piece of Erotic Lingerie or Elegant Lingerie coupled with a body harness fashion lingerie or body chain fashion lingerie!

Let me know which of these you let go of this week!

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