What Your Wedding Night Lingerie Says About You

Lingerie plays an important role in keeping the spark alive in any marriage. But perhaps the most memorable piece of lingerie you will ever wear is the one you wear on your wedding night. Here are some possible wedding night lingerie choices and what they say about you.

A Bridal Corset and Suspenders: Both classic and naughty at the same time, this outfit is for the women who spent their lives dreaming of the big day…and the exciting night that comes after.

Sheer Ruffled Teddie: These are easy and comfortable…just like you! Ruffles will give you just the right amount of stylish femininity that can be capitalized on with a hint of chiffon. What’s more…add pants or a skirt and you are ready for a night on the town.

Evening Gown Type Lingerie: If one dress just isn’t enough for you, there’s only one way you can be described…goddess! A longer gown is sexy and elegant and can feature lace, sheer fabrics and other details that will make it perfect for your partner’s eyes only.

A Lacy Camisole with Matching Panties: This look is easy and demure. It also gives a somewhat virginal vibe that can make your wedding night more exciting.

Exquisite Bra and Panty Set: This is another easy one…so easy in fact, you may be able to wear it directly under your wedding dress. For a sweeter look, go for full back panties, but a thong will always make his heart race just a bit more!

The Shapewear Girdle You Wore Under Your Dress: Hey, he’s yours for life…why put on airs? Going for this convenient look is perfect for those girls who just want to have fun, don’t take themselves too seriously and are always the life of the party.

Pinup: Going for that vintage look requires head to toe detailing. Girls who go pinup on their wedding night may be perfectionists but also tend to groom to make sure everything is to her hubby’s liking! Pinup looks require full back panties or boy shorts and conical bras that just scream Bettie Page.

Fetish Lingerie: Well, I suppose what this type of lingerie says about you may depend on whether you’re a sub or a dom but one thing is for sure, you are definitely into kink. And who says black leather doesn’t have a place on your wedding night…well, if you’re into that kind of thing anyway.

Your wedding night is special and the lingerie you wear will be pieces both of you will remember for years to come. They will also say something about your personality that can set the scene for your time together as a couple. So, think carefully about what lingerie you will wear on your wedding night. It could be the most important outfit you will ever put on.

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