While the Cat is Away…

Many people’s sex role playing ideas include fantasies of having sex with a servant. After all, the servant is already in a subservient role making them perfect for slave roles in BDSM sex.

A take off on this fantasy is to have the servants getting together with each other behind their master’s back.

To make this as realistic as possible, both partners should wear servant type attire, like a French maid’s dress and a butler’s suit. Then they can pretend their master has stepped out for a few hours. This is the perfect time for them to act on the fantasies they must keep secret when on duty.

As soon as you are sure the master has left the premises, the ‘servants” can sneak up into one of their bedrooms, the master’s bedroom or just do it in the servant’s quarter while no one is looking. This type of fantasy is especially exciting because it incorporates the element of sneaking around so as not to be found out.

You know you must move quickly and remain as quiet as possible while taking some time to enjoy the moment.

A forbidden love affair is always sexy and it can add an element of excitement to a relationship that may be starting to feel a bit ho-hum. Try maid and butler sex role playing character ideas to find out how they take your sex life to the next level.

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